Rappier Pte Ltd, a Singapore based start-up, was founded in 2014 by creative passionate individuals driven by a shared passion to identify vacuums and create products to fill the gaps with innovative and intuitive products.
“Rappier” has its origin in the word Rapier, which means being ‘Quick’ and ‘Incisive’.
We are a young and enthusiastic team of technology specialists who believe in being swift, insightful and sharp in today’s
world of infinite possibilities, 
just like a rapier.

Our Capabilities

UI UX Design

User-Centric and intuitive design that cuts through
competition and delivers an experience that meets the
evolving user and client needs

Mobile app & website development

We create highly customized & powerful web & mobile solutions .
We design systems that respond across mediums and result in meaningful experiences

Technology enabler

We understand Technology. We stay
up-to-date on the latest technological advances and use the power of this knowledge to enable creative
business solutions.

Strategy Partner

Our team consists of business consultants, design experts, tech geeks, and communication planners. Therefore, many times, we act as strategy partners for our clients and provide a comprehensive solution for their business challenges.

Performance Analytics

We have built our own proprietary reporting and analytics tool which gives us as well as our clients , a bird's eye view of their campaigns' performance. Through this, we are able to provide more actionable data and help our clients make more meaningful marketing decisions.

Our products

bring you world closer

Closrr is a rewarding social network. A breakthough product which offers its users an all-in-one full-feature messaging and social networking app while rewarding users for their social activity.

Mobile Tracking & Analytics Platform

Unliche is a Cloud based Campaign Management Platform ideal for Advertisers and Agencies. It is an end-to-end marketing solution including Mobile SDK, Tracking & Analytics

and many more...

Our Offices


New Delhi, India

Hyderabad, India

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